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Each BrazzCare® starter kit contains either: 

20 x BrazzCare® pedicure socks.


20 x BrazzCare® manicure gloves.


10 x BrazzCare® manicure gloves & 10x BrazzCare® pedicure socks.

Each BrazzCare® pack contains: 

A pair of gloves or socks, 1x cuticle stick and 1x nail file.

This product can only be shipped within the UK and Ireland.


·         BrazzCare® is the latest Brazilian luxury Manicure & Pedicure treatment, which is going to revolutionise the way Manicure / Pedicure services are now performed.


·         Brazzcare® will leave hands and feet feeling softer and smoother instantly, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin; leaving healthier, younger looking moisturised hands and feet and nails.


·         Brazzcare® Gloves and socks emollient makes the job easier and faster while providing a cleaner and safer alternative for customers. 


·         Brazzcare® contains SPF factors for active sun protection against harmful UV rays, which will also contribute to the reduction of ageing of the skin.


·         Brazzcare® repairs damaged weak nails and aids in healthy growth and strength of the natural nail plate.


·         Brazzcare formula is composed with a Primer (R236) developed by BalbPharm Institute which is activated by wiping the natural nails (after the treatment has been performed) with Acetone, which increases adhesion of Polishes, Gels & Acrylics to the nail plate. So now manicures can be performed before infills are applied!


·         Brazzcare® is the only manicure/pedicure system which contains all you need in one individual kit   

                            - Waterless, ready to use and fully sterilised,

                            - Contains Anti-germ and Anti-fungal compounds resulting in no cross contamination.


·         Brazzcare® will give you the same results as a paraffin wax manicure/pedicure without the paraffin wax or the mess.


·         Brazzcare® eliminates the need for several different products, which may all have different expiration dates - saving time and money!



Amazing moisture, healthier nails and younger looking skin, with Luxurious long lasting results that don't wash off!

Benefits of Brazzcare®

With seven active ingredients and a neutral pH, you’ll find that the Brazzcare® manicure gloves and pedicure socks leave your hands and feet feeling fabulous and leave nails in excellent condition – ready to apply polish or for false nail application.

1- Tea Tree  from Australia, with healing and nourishing properties.

2- Polymer R236  developed by our laboratory to provide a great base for polish.

3- Emollient  to soften cuticles and callouses.

4- Hamamelis  plant with healing properties.

5- Calcium  to feed and nourish nails.

6- Keratin  to rejuvenate and beautify the nails, hands and feet.

7- Allantoine  an anti-inflammatory agent, soothing tired hands and feet.


Only Brazzcare® Nails Gloves and Socks offer the 6-in-1 advantage:

1- Professional-Grade Emollient.

2- Anti-germ System.                           

3- Hemostatic Powder.                        

4- Calcium and Keratin Loaded.

5- Exclusive Nail Polish Primer Polymer.

6- Complete Disposables Kit.


How to use

Step 1: Open the Brazzcare® kit & remove the gloves/socks, nail file & wooden cuticle pusher. Remove any nail polish & file nails as normal.

Step 2: Distribute the emollient evenly inside the gloves/socks. It is very important to distribute the emollient before starting the Brazzcare® process.

Step 3: Put the gloves/socks on the hands/feet and make sure that all cuticles are covered with emollient, and move to the next hand/foot. Keep alternating which hand/foot you work on as this keeps the skin absorbing the vitamins within the emollient for longer. Using gentle movements slide the emollient backwards towards the palm. This is so the emollient doesn’t escape during Step 4.

Step 4: Break the plastic tips of the gloves/socks and start working on the cuticles as normal. You will be able to see how easy it is to push back or remove the cuticle. This is because Brazzcare® has components that help in activating cuticle release. No need to use any cuticle remover creams or oils.

Step 5: Start removing the gloves/socks delicately, keeping the plastic very close to the skin. If during the pedicure process the foot needs to be filed and calluses removed just slide the socks up until they reach the ankles and start the process using the appropriate tools and procedures. After, remove the sock delicately keeping the plastic very close to the skin.

Step 6: With a tissue, remove the excess emollient, however, don't remove it all. Make good use of the emollient on the skin by massaging it in. This will help the skin absorb those essential vitamins. (Do not massage while wearing the gloves/socks as it may irritate).

Step 7: Using cosmetic pads apply a little bit of acetone on each nail. This process chemically activates the exclusive varnish fixative polymer which means no need for any primers.

Step 8: Finalize by applying base coat & then your Polish or Gel / Acrylic overlay.

Step 9: The entire contents of the Brazzcare® kit are designed for individual use so are completely disposable after use.


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